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  • I hope the kids will remember what they learned with us: greetings, the days of the week, body parts, colours, the alphabet, classroom instructions, numbers, etc. We taught them these through games, songs, sports and classroom activities to make the lessons fun and help them memorise the vocabulary more easily. I sincerely thank and wish all the best to the kids, their parents, and EVERYONE I met in Brazil (specially those who invited us for these tasty barbecues and who cooked aligator for us, lol)! The farewell parties at the nursery and at the charity, and the Brazilian flag raised for us at the school while children were singing the national anthem were touching! We gave presents to each other, then sadly, it was time to say goodbye to each other; but I won’t forget you Brazil! I will come back 🙂

    Chamima Soufou
    English and French teacher
  • My time working at BHZ Connection was challenging but very rewarding. I was able to become part of a community and I had the freedom to plan and teach my own classes as well as help in the day to day running of the project. I would really recommend volunteering at BHZ Connection and their homestay programme; it’s the best way to improve your Portuguese and great fun too!

    Sophie Astles
    English teacher
  • The time I spent with the students at BHZ Connection was truly amazing – they love being around international visitors, to learn about foreign culture and to share their own. The local community are one of the most welcoming and gracious around. I will forever keep some very fond memories of my time at BHZ.

    Daniel Siskin
    Teacher of IT and English language
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