About Us

Who Are We?

We are an Associação cultural de Capoeira Angola that besides a capoeira centre, we are concerned with facilitating access to education and cultural activities in order to always keep its goals in accordance with the interests of the communities and their members and society in general.

The ACCA BHZ is a legal entity of private law, a civil not for profit association, founded on December 5th, 2010. The headquarters are based at Rua General Osorio 1159 – Neighborhood Alto Vera Cruz – CEP: 30285-320 – Belo Horizonte – MG.

Upon his return from Europe, the founder (William Sousa) established in 2010 ACCA BHZ, with the aim to develop social work transforming the local reality of his neighborhood. Over the following 5 years, the organization grew and ran increasingly elaborated projects.


We are dedicated to creating global social capital in local communities through the generation and the promotion of diverse cultural and educational exchanges for young people from both regions lacking in Belo Horizonte and to volunteers from different countries. preserving and respecting the historical heritage.


Our vision is to create a diverse world where young people from deprived areas anddeveloped regions are connected to obtain equal access to cultural knowledge.



We embrace the diversity of peoples, cultures and languages. Diversity is the essence of the ACCA-BHZ Connection, and is reflected in everything that we engage in.


Through committed and transparent actions we treasure the dignity of the local communities and we inspire confidence in the relationships with our social partners.


For us, humanity is solidarity, empathy and group spirit. We endeavor to ensure respect to human beings by offering a friendly hand to deprived persons and by promoting mutual understanding and cooperation amongst peoples.


Innovative and imaginative, we thrive to create conditions for social entrepreneurial spirit to flourish and cultural leadership to take off.


The passion for cultures brings us (local communities and volunteers from around the world) together, and our passion is what drives us towards fruitful initiatives.

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