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The BHZ CONNECTION project’s main aim is to contribute to the educational development of young people and adolescents from low-income families by teaching languages including Portuguese and foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, etc…) as educational tools.

Using activities such as Drama, Capoeira Angola, art, educational games, reading, music and physical education the students learn other languages, thereby facilitating cultural exchange with volunteers from different countries.
ACCA aims to provide young people the experience with a cultural exchange between England and Brazil
ACCA offers cultural experiences to young people and includes learning activates, group work, sociability and social protection and which focuses on the establishment of one living space and working in participatory approach, the development of the autonomy of children and adolescents, from particular demands and potential presented by each.

We believe that if we provide a motivating environment, dynamic, cheerful, with meetings, studies, planning and reviews happening systematically, it is possible to guarantee children and adolescents’ rights to leisure and culture, contributing to the educational, emotional, professional and psychological development.

Associação Cultural de Capoeira Angola – BHZ CONNECTION
Rua General Osório 145 – Alto Vera Cruz CEP: 30285-320 / Contact: info@bhzconnection.org.br /
Phone: +55 (31) 3483 8242/ mobile: +55 (31) 97342 8049 / Website: www.acca-bhz.org.br

This program is currently attended by 281 (two hundred and eighty-one) children and adolescents aged 6-18 years, from the communities of Alto Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz, Saudade, Taquaril, Sao Gerardo, Granja de Freitas, among others. BHZ CONNECTION focuses on the appreciation of local culture and the strengthening of family and community life.

The above communities are characterized by inequalities, little access to cultural and leisure activities, high rate of juvenile violence, presence of drug trafficking, high rate of truancy, teenage pregnancy and low educational attainment and aspiration. Most residents are employed in the lowest-skilled and most precarious jobs on the job market place: e.g. housekeeper, maid, cleaner, cashier, construction worker. Most of the income is used for food and payment of bills, with negligible spending on health, transport, education and leisure. There is an increasing lack of provision in childcare, physical and educational activities, options for after-school hours, therefore these children and adolescents remain alone most of the day, without the company and direct parental supervision, and are at risk of staying on the streets.
ACCA BHZ has provided a safe and positive environment for these vulnerable people since 2010.