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Language Classes for Adults

What is? It’s a program designed for those who plan to travel in South America, North America or Europe, for professionals and companies possibility of having contact with a second language with private lessons in groups, programs for companies, translation and preparation for exams. The student is prepared in order to deal with different situations related to travel, work, leisure and even job interviews. The themes of the lessons contribute to a true immersion in the culture.

Languages Classes

How it works: The courses are French, Spanish, English, Italian, last for six semesters (three years), divided into two levels (three semesters per level). For each semester there is a course load of 80 hours, distributed in 4 hours per week or combine (private class).

Description: you need to contact us to make an appointment to enrol and match the best program according to your time and our schedules available. This program was created in order to maintain our social work for children and adolescents from poor communities in the eastern region of Belo Horizonte. The fee charged for the adults classes, are invested for the maintenance of the BHZ Connection project.

More information, e-mail: info@acca-bhz.org.br / Phones: (31) 3483 8242 / Mobile: (31) 7342 8049/9412 4849.